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How do you know when it's time?

The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult times a person can experience. As a pet parent, deciding when it is time to let our pets go is also incredibly hard. The Pathway Heaven team is here for you before and after the loss of a pet.

Our vets offer online and in-home consultations to help evaluate your pet and their condition prior to making a decision. We often use quality of life as way to measure a pet's comfort. Please see our quality-of-life assessment section.

In addition, our team may be able to offer you some additional pain relief protocols and home nursing tips to keep your pet comfortable. 

What can I expect during at-home euthanasia?

Our veterinarians will explain what to expect and walk you through the entire process. We encourage families to ask as many questions as they would like. Our goal is to provide a private and personal experience with you and your pet. Helping you through this hard time is why we elected to provide this service. We want families to take as much time as needed during the final appointment. 

The euthanasia process usually involves sedation to reduce anxiety and fear.  Once your pet is relaxed, the final injection of a fast acting euthanasia solution will be administered intravenously. We strive for full sedation prior to administering the solution. This is to ensure the most peaceful good-bye as possible surrounded by the people they love. 

After the veterinarian has confirmed that your pet has passed away, we will gently care for your pets remains.   

What is the difference between private or individual cremation and a communal cremation?

Pet cremation is the same as human cremation where heat is used to reduce the body to what we refer to as ashes. 

If a private or individual cremation is elected, your pet is cremated alone and the ashes are returned to the family. 

A communal cremation is where a pet is cremated with other pets and remains are not returned to the family. 

Why choose to have remains returned home?

Private cremation allows the family to keep a physical memory of their pet. Some families elect to bury their pet's ashes at home, store them in their home to remember them often or have a keepsake such as jewelry or glass memorial items made.

Do you offer paw prints?

Clay paw prints can be made regardless the cremation option that your choose.

How do I know I will be getting my pet back?

The crematorium we have partnered with offers a virtual tracking service that can be accessed throughout the entire process. Our goal is transparency and respect to both you and your pet.

The crematorium offers cremations to be witnessed. 

Can I bury my pet at home?

You also have the option for at-home for burial. We encourage you to check local laws about burial of a pet.

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